What we do



Star children give needy children (HIV / AIDS infected children and AIDS orphans) the security of a home, access to health and education, a new chance in life.

Our values and philosophy

Every child has the right to a shelter, education and healthcare.To integrate well into society, children need development self-confidence and awareness of their own human dignity. Star children take care of children who are deprived of equal opportunity and are at risk of protection without discrimination of any kind. We make sure that your contributions are best utilised to keep children as protected as possible. We make all the reasonable efforts to follow the principles of the UN Convention on the right of practice.


Star children provides HIV/AIDS infected children and AIDS orphans the security of a home, access to healthcare, education, individual care/counselling, and a new chance in life, conforming to the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989).


To shift from institutional care to community-based care by gradually reducing the number of family units with children under our direct care to just one unit. As a result, we aim to triplicate the coverage of HIV/AIDS affected and infected Nepalese children supporting them directly in the family/community environment and continue providing the children with education, healthcare, and nutritional support, as well as tutoring and training to the extended family or community.


To contribute towards minimising the impact of HIV/AIDS to children.


1. To provide a formal education for infected and affected children and orphans, for them to have the resources to build a secure future for themselves.
2. To arrange for psychosocial support and counselling to help children cope with the emotions inherent to their situation, such as fear, anger, and loneliness.
3. To give a safe, enabling and stigma-free environment for the educational, medical and other similar needs of these children to be met.
4. To supply a caring home with comprehensive health care to infected/affected orphaned children.
5. Make efforts to link children with the community to integrate them into society.
6. To provide services to the parents and family of the children to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.
7. To reach out to the community at a grassroots level to educate them about HIV and AIDS, as well as raise awareness of other closely related issues.

Activities of Star Children

1. Running two family units for HIV/AIDS affected and infected Nepalese children.
2. Providing education (formal education, non-formal education, and vocational training and life skills), healthcare and a family environment.
3. Raising advocacy and awareness within society (schools/ communities) by coordinating with relative stakeholders.
4. Building staff capacity (preferably HIV affected/ providing opportunities.
5. Networking to share experiences and knowledge while working towards efficiency and quality care.

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