Success Story

Our Success

Running through the long track of star children we have had some achievements which all lies on the children whom we made an adult and had chance to give them a good life along with golden future ahead through education.
Due to our Child Protection Policy we are prevent to share with you children’s name, address & facial recognized photos.


Sabina and Ana B.K

Both of their parents and an older brother died due to HIV Infection. After the death of their parents both are living with her grandparents but they are old and unable take care and pay for the medication. As she is diagnosis from HIV transmitted from her parents. After their parents died, neighbors took them to the shaman (Dhami) and kept her in a dark room for 6 days with no food. Ana was not allowed to attend in school and denied from sitting for her final exam at school and she lost a year. People regard HIV as an accursed disease in the villages.

Then Sabina & Ana joined star children family at the age of 12 and 10 Yrs in 2004. Luckily we found Sabina is only affected and both completed their collage level being at star home.

Now after they were re-integrated in 2013 Sabina and in 2015 Ana.

Sabina got married and she also work as Auxiliary Nurse Midwife in Kathmandu and having happy life and as her husband is abroad for work they both live together now in Kathmandu.

Anusri and Arun

The case of Arun and Anusri is referred to Star Children from Asha clinic. The children are from far west. The western part of the country is backward from every aspect like education, unemployment, cast, gender and discrimination. Women mainly are treated like a slave from man in this area. As this part of the country is close to India and the rate of unemployment is very high, a lot of people from this area migrate to India in search of work. The father of Arun and Anusri was also one of the many Nepali migrant workers in India.

Their father spent many years of his life working in India. He was out of contact with the family for five years while he was working. After five year one of the villagers found him in New Delhi and then he was brought back to family for some time. Then he went back to India for work with all his family. They stayed in India for a year together. While they were in India, their parents gave them a brother but he died in twenty days after he was born.

Both of the parents were sick while they were in India. They returned back to Nepal, when their mother got sick. Their mother died on 2003 and five months after the death of the mother father also died.

After the death of the parents, they stayed with their grandparents. The grandfather also deceased and the grandmother is too old to take care of any children.

According to the doctor’s report and the family members both the parents died of HIV related disease. Because the parents died of HIV, the children were also being treated like HIV infected children from the other family members and the community. HIV is regarded as a sin in this area also. The financial incapability of the family, social stigma, serial loss of the family members and all the evil situations brought Anita and Arun to Star children in 2005 for the better future. Anusri completed her Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) course and Arun completes his collage and waiter training from our partnering organization.

Now after they were re-integrated Anusri in 2014 and Arun in 2016–

Anusri is got married and living with her Husband family. Inspired on her own experience and recognizing the healthcare short kill affecting Nepalese rural areas, Anusri has chosen to work with the affecting & living with her family and works at her nearby village hospital as a health worker. Arun was working in hotel in pokhara for 2 yrs and now is in Qatar working in reputed hotel.

Aarti and Ram Shrestha

After Shrestha’s family main income source and strength father passed away when she was just 10 yrs old because of infection. As her family were already economically weak and now health wise as well. Due to infection her mother gets frequently sick could not work which effect children normal growth. Lack of medicine & basic nutrition both children activity and habit ware changing in bad manners.

So, by seeing the worst condition of children and mother star children give new possibility to Aarti’s, mother and small brother to start a new life as her mother also become well after some regular checkup and medication then she start works as house mother in star also both of her child are studding and getting full support being on same roof. Both were best with their studies and were of friendly nature. Aarti completed her SIC in being with star.

Now after they were re-integrated Aarti in 2012 and Ram in2013

As her mother was working in another organization so she can take care for Aarti. Now Aarti is doing part time job and studding bachelor being with her mother and Ram was also reintegrated following year now he is studding in grade 9.


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