Children Profile

Username- Bhim

He was small and in very scary with bad health condition 3yrs old but with only 3kg of weight even doctor have started to worry about his survival.

After father died there was no food no money lost on the treatment and community totally against Bhim & his mother. No help from extended parents which left them with no food to eat. Which have affected a lot in the health of Bhim. They have to leave their village due to the HIV infection and forced to live on road begging door to door for food. Then star children found about the issue from government hospital intended to help both mother plus child by giving a chance to work as house mother in star home to mother.

Now, Bhim is good in studies and very attentive student in the class too. He always says that he wants to be driver, so he can visit all the places in free of cost and earn money & help old people to travel.

He loves singing and loves to take part in school as well as home activities very fondly. We can see innocents in his face. Above all entire difficulty he is always happy.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Username- Jeevan

Jeevan joined star children with his elder sister being both parentsdecreased by HIV infection luckily they were safe. In the beginning he even doesn’t know how to speak Nepali language. After getting the warmth care of mothers and love of all the brothers and sisters now he speaks good Nepali.

Jeevan is a helpful, calm and responsible boy, much liked by all. People like him, and he likes people. He does well at school, enjoying English, Science, Maths and Sports (Football & Basketball), but is less keen on Nepali. Although not competitive, he achieves mastery of the things he undertakes at a high level.

Jeevan is very calm and even tempered.  He can accept criticism but seems to be sensitive to teasing and even on one occasion lost control.

Jeevan is medium in studies but tries to do his best. He is very attentive student in the class too.

Recently he received” Best Disciplined Award in his school”.

He loves singing and loves playing guitar so good at it and sometimes takes part in school as well as home activities singing programs.  He always dreams about being a good singer.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Name –Aumol

Aumol is an extremely able, motivated and driven student with a clear idea that he wants to do in the future, and the skills he gets there. His ambition is to train and become an electrical engineer, of course there is no reason why he should not achieve his aim. He has observed electricians and plumbers since a childhood and picked up a remarkable set of practical skills to repair many items and is relied upon to do so. He is responsible for the audio equipment at Star children (home) and much besides.  He is also talented at school and as resemble his best subject is science.

Dip always like to listen the music and play football well and always help mothers on household activities. He has an extreme an attitude, he believes there is nothing that cannot be done or more specifically that he can’t do, if he set himself a target.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Name: Username- Sanya

She came to Star with her elder sister and mother. They lost their father because of HIV and they all were left to live in the hard world with an unknown infection. The other family member and people refuse them to accept in the community and force them to live in a forest with limited food and a week shelter.

They were prohibited to come near people. After some time her mother know about star children from another NGO and we decided to give them all the support we can. But unfortunately we lost her elder sister which is hard for the entire family member to come through.

Now, Sanya is considered being capable and responsible young women who is helpful and willing to engage in a range of activities at SC.  This includes cooking, looking after the smaller kids help them in study. Her favorite pastimes are singing and dancing and she is happy to perform in front of an audience. Her confidence extends beyond performance and she is willing to speak her mind.  She is personable and social, makes a good impression quickly and gets on well in social situations.  She is concerned with moral issues, expressing a desire to help impoverished people.

She is ambitious, wanting to be the best at whatever she does, and works hard to achieve these ambitions.   She is a capable student at school in a range of subjects and particularly likes science and math.  Her achievement is particularly noteworthy as she has not been to a private school and therefore more of it can be attributed to her abilities, ambition, hard work and can-do attitude.  She believes success is dependent on her own efforts, which she focuses on her goals.  She is very clear in her mind about what she wants to do in the future and how to get there.

She is very good in studies. Most of the time she gets 3rd position but not less than it and sometimes with 4th position in the class.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Username- Sandeep

When Sandeep was referred to Star Children by other organization. In his case, his father was in Jail for the offense of human trafficking and both the parents are suffered from HIV positive. His mother couldn’t take care of him alone. After seeing the condition we immediately decide to welcome him as a new member in star.

Sandeep enjoys and is very good at learning.  He is a diligent learner – whilst his learning speed is in line with his peers, he picks up new things patiently and methodically until he has acquired them to a high level. This persevering approach has enabled him to develop knowledge and abilities in diverse areas such as computing, design, photography and tennis.   

He is universally liked by peers teachers and other adults.  He likes other people and has good social skills.  He is polite, respectful and caring – trying to resolve issues between the smaller children when there is an argument or a fight.

Sandeep is good in studies and pass his class with 4 or 5th position.

He loves to do paper work and drawing.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Username- Albin Thapa

He is a handsome boy always attached with a big smile on his face. Albin is an all-rounder with strengths in a diverse set of areas.

His great strength is in the social sphere. He has good social skills, friendly, takes responsibility, and takes initiative. He expressed an interest in developing his abilities in football.

At school his best subject is humanities but he has broad interests on excels and in other areas too. He enjoys creative subjects, being very interested in the handicraft project, design, color and making things like bracelets; he sings, and enjoys writing poems and reading novels.  He also expresses an interest in mathematics, accounting and computing,

Albin see himself as a best football player in his future.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Username- Anjaan

Anjaan was just 4 years old. His father died because of HIV/AIDS and mother was in prison for the drug trafficking. Now she got free in 2016/01/01 but not capable to take care of Anjaan and for herself she work on handicraft.

He has eye allergy so frequently he need to check up at Eye Hospital. He is good in studies, singing, and in his leisure time he loves making crafts. He shows interests in making things like airplane, bicycles, motorbikes etc.

He is mentally strong and self-controlled, has a positive attitude to life and doesn’t get angry.  He is interested in people and good at making contact with them on a 1-1 basis. He is friendly, makes a good impression at first sight and is comfortable initiating and sustaining conversations. He loves magic and always tries to do something extra and cool that attracts other to him.

He always likes to be in lights or top.

He loves mathematics because it’s a bit tricky and always say “If you know the trick well you can take best out of it”.  He is good at football and dancing too and he was able to be on top five on a dance competition.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Username- Jasmine

Jasmine is a friendly and helpful girl. She is a reliable, good worker, trusted to complete any tasks she is given. She is honest, open and creative. Her creativity is mainly expressed through sketching and interested in learning boutique although she became shy to speak in front of people.

Since childhood she was suffered from Pneumonia instead of taking to hospital she was treated with traditional treatment or with shaman and she has to go through a lot. Still pneumonia effect on her health.

She is not good at studies because of her health status but ply to improve her studies. By seeing her all effort on studies even with the entire drawback we all are inspired seeing the important of education in our lives.

She always says that she would be very happy to see every people are educated of her community and be teacher.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Name: Punam Saru Magar

Punam was 9 years old when she came to Star Children. She was so innocent and shy. Her mother died because of HIV/AIDS when she was just eight years. She had an elder brother but she lost him by the HIV infection he was of only 10 years old. Her father is also HIV infected. He is a riksha driver. He work hard for his living. When she came here she was thin and scabies were all over her body. She had not got proper care and healthy food.

Now she is the healthy girl of 18 years. Good hygiene, care and balanced diet have made her not to take ARV medicine so far. So she just takes cotrim and vitamin.

She is an average student, she works hard in studies. She passed her class 10 in 2nd division. Now studying hard to achieve good grade’s in collage.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination


Username- susila 

When Susila came here she was just 10 years old and now she is 17 years old. She is a shy and reserved girl. She doesn’t speak much. Her parents died of HIV and her elder sister is negative but Susila is positive and is on ARV therapy.

Her family relatives don’t want to take care of her as she was positive. So she has to face a lot of negativity of society since an early childhood which has adverse effect on her. Still she speaks less and has a fear mind and afraid of the people.

After coming here she find herself in the new world, she found a safe home, lovely and caring housemother and sister and brothers. Now she said that she is very happy being here. It take a lot of time for her to be melt in star family.

Susila is an average student passed her SLC in 3rd division. Now she is in 11th standard in Education faculty. And she wants to complete her education.

*Name changed for protection and for making their future life’s exclusive of discrimination

Children now on short list support

Currently star children have two children on needy support (on education & health only at the moment) but they are supported fully by us in past but luckily as the time is in favor to them their parents now accept them and economically also raised. But we still support their education and health as the cost is too high for them.

– Sirimaya – 

Maya was 8 years old when she lost her both parents. She has 3 elder brothers and an elder sister but in the beginning all of them were in teen age and not capable of taking care of her.

So, SC provide her all support needed but now her brother’s situation is good and get married and decided to take care of Maya by them self. So now we only give her help for education and health. She is now 19 years old and studying.

  – Bijaya Panday – 

He is a brilliant child and first child with us at the beginning of star children third home in 2006 while he was just 7 years aged. He is good in studies and now he is living independently and studying chartered accountant courses. We support him for education and health. His mother is still working at star as a house mother.


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