Mohan Parsad Tirpathi 

Mohan With a passion for working with underprivileged and marginalized children and women has over 12 years of experience in working with Women & children. Since 2012 he join the organization Star Children as Program Coordinator. From then he has provided guidance to the organization for the Change in orphan life’s of HIV/AIDS Infected & affected children.

Dhurba Raj Dhakal  

Dhurba is responsible for the finance and accounting arm of Star Children. Also additionally responsible for determining the strategy, regulatory compliance with all the logistical and technical needs of Star children.

The House Mothers

Our house mothers are carefully selected to not only provide support for the program but to be assisted themselves as they are HIV/AIDS affected and/or infected. They have a better than usual understanding of the challenges that represent raising children under this condition. Their love, care, and responsibility for the kids can be compared to the one provided by a birthmother. We believe this model is prosperous and sustainable in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic affecting Nepal.

Vishnu Gurung

Hari Maya K.C.

Mina Kumari Karki

The House Sisters (Caretaker)

Given the children’s condition, there is the need for extra support and care. The house sisters help with taking care of the children.Our caretakers are orphans themselves, and at one point they were a Star Children supported child. This experience gives them a better understanding of every child’s emotional needs and puts them in a better position when dealing with obstacles.

Sunita Mijar

Sita Shahi

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